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Walton helpline And Contact Information
Walton Helpline 365 Days Service. Get Service 7:00 AM To 11:00 PM . Customer Care Centre : Call Center: 16267 Or 09612316267 (Operation Hour: 7:00 AM To 11:00 PM) Corporate Office : Plot-1088, Block-I, Sabrina Sobhan Road P.O-Khilkhet, P.S-Vatara, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka-1229. Cell Phone: 008809606-555555 E Mail: info@waltonbd.com Headquarter : Walton Hi-Tech Industries LTD. Chandra, Kaliakoir, Gazipur. E Mail: hq@waltonbd.com Domestic ... [more]
Walton Air Cooler WEA-S100  Reviews
Walton Air Cooler WEA-S100 Walton Air Cooler WEA-S100  Reviews And Price In Bangladesh You cannot think about summer unless you don’t have back up for this season when it comes every year with the more devastating condition. When you are living in the Indian sub-continent then you must think about a cooler which can make/serve cool mor ... [more]
Vision Air Cooler BB801525 Review
Vision Air Cooler BB801525 Price and Review In Bangladesh Vision Air Cooler BB801525 When winter is at the end and hot season is knocking at the door you cannot but have to think about the preparation of the summer. Especially in the Indian sub-continent hot season just crosses its limit so extremely that it becomes hard to keep up with thi ... [more]
Bajaj Motorcycle Showroom In Bangladesh
Dhaka Branch Dealer Name Place Telephone No. A. N Traders Thana Road Baimhati Bazar, Mirzapur, Tangail 01714-080050 Anika Motors Dhaka Road, Bhogra, Gazipur ... [more]
Walton Split AC WSN-12K-RXXXA (1 Ton) Price and Reviews
Day bay day demand of split air conditioner is increasing. In south Asia, weather becomes hot and humid during summer season.  In this critical weather, everyone is looking for cool place to stay. In this summer Walton has introduced new model of Walton Split AC WSN-12K-RXXXA (1 Ton). This attractive d ... [more]
Mallard Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936 price and Reviews
Mallard Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936 Keeping your indoor environment cool and comfortable during warm summer months can be a frustrating and often expensive task, to say the least. Eveporate cooler - also known as swamp coolers - offer an eco-friendly, healthy, and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. There ... [more]
Honeywell Air Cooler CL151E price and reviews
Honeywell Personal Air Cooler CL151EJust turn on the button and getting cool smooth air flow during hot and summer, nothing can be special than that. To get cool and healthy refreshing cool air, air cool has been using all over the world. Unlike air conditioner this cooling appliance only uses water and fresh air to complete cooling recycle. ... [more]
Walton Induction Cooker WI S37 Price and Reviews
Walton Induction CookerModern appliances have made our life more convenience and safe than before. Cooking is always been consider as a tough job to perform. You need to have proper idea about cooking ingredients as well as right measure of heating. To make rice right measure of heating with time sating is important. To make this difficult task easy you c ... [more]
Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC004 Price and Reviews
Walton Room HeaterWe south Asian people have to face difficult weather condition. Especially in the summer hot and humid weather and Vice versa during winter. It’s become difficult for the children as well as senior citizen to survive. To make the place comfortable to live in chilly winter room heater is a wonderful option. There ... [more]
National Rice Cooker 2012 price and reviews
National Rice CookerRice cook is not only demandable to the small family but also, because of having easily operating features, necessary one to the bachelor. Easy to move and easy to use have made rice cooker one of the important part of modern days kitchen. Alongside making rice you may use this cooker for making other carry also. Its durable body struc ... [more]
Miyako Electric Room Heater PTC-311 Price and Reviews
One of the necessary appliances of winter season is electric room heater. It covert the electric power to the heat and spread it all over the room and make the room temperature comfortable to live. There are several model of room heater is available in the market with futuristic features and attractive body structure. One of the new models of electric room heater of Miyako is Miyako Electric Room Heater PTC-311. This multi options black color tower shape room heater ... [more]
Rangs Eid-ul-azha offer
One of the trustable brand names in the Bangladeshi appliances market is Rangs. Along with their own brand they are the importer of international renowned Sony brand. With their product quality and remarkable service they have won the heart of the people. During this Eid –ul-Azha festival, Rangs has been offering attractive discount offer on several products. Offers are for limited time. Following offers are going on. Let’s have a look at the offers. ... [more]
LG Microwave Oven MS2342DSM Price and Reviews
LG M OvenWhether you love to cook, rush to pull dinner together, or live on reheated coffee and frozen pizza, a microwave has become a kitchen essential. Defrosting and reheating are common uses, but nowadays oven are offering some out of ordinary fetaurs. Among the renownd brand LG has made thir mark on the top of the appliances brand list. Rencent ... [more]
Walton Chest Freezer FC-3J0D Price and Reviews
Walton FreezerIn the market of modern technology, whatever you are looking for your eyes will be stuck in the product which have some extra with it specially, those product which made with ultra modern features along with reasonable price. Walton FC-3J0D (Double Door) Freezer is such product in which you are going to have al ... [more]
Walton Freezer FC-1B3 Technical Reviews
Walton FreezerWhat can be more useful among the appliances and when you have a family? The exact answer will be the the freezer or refrigerator. Which we use as to keep our food fresh and most often storing food for a long time. Walton is a brand which now a days serving in a great number to have this appliance in all the houses with a reachabl ... [more]
Walton Chest Freezer FC-2T5 Price and Reviews
Walton Deep FreezerThis product can fulfill your demand on the matter of storing food items along with keep it fresh. It does not matter whatever the price of the freezer or what the specification. The sound may like odd to listen but in the age of modern technology you have to believe in these all. When the question comes about the brand Walton then you mu ... [more]
Walton Chest Freezer WVF-1R2 Price and Review
Walton Deep FreezerIf you have a family and you have to work outside for a long time in a day or night then you must need a freezer for the safety of food for your family and for this reason Walton represent this freezer along with all the necessary features and also in a very reasonable price. As you know about the brand Walton that it was a domestic bran ... [more]
Walton Chest Freezer WVF-1R2 Price and Reviews
Walton Deep FreezerIn these days, it is very hard to pass a day without a freezer specially when your family is big in size or you have to stay far away for long time from your family and you have to store food. This freezer from Walton is an excellent one when you are in the search of a freezer. Meanwhile this brand Walton is now become a internati ... [more]
Walton Chest Freezer FC-1B3 Price and Reviews
Walton Chest FreezerIt is good to introduce a quality product from Walton to our visitor when you are looking for a freezer in a reasonable price with all the necessary function and specification. You cannot ignore the importance of a freezer when need to store food in a large for a long time. This freezer from Walton can help you on this matter with ... [more]
Walton Chest Freezer FC-1D5 Price and Reviews
Walton FreezerAs to say about this appliance, this is one of the major appliance in these days for storing food items in a large number. It can be used for home as well as it is important for commercial purpose as well. This freezer from Walton can be very useful for those families who need to store foods for a long time in different occasion o ... [more]
Jamuna Refrigerators JR UES633300CD Price and Reviews
Jamuna FreezeJamuna JR UES633300CD is a new series model of refrigerator. It has all the necessary features to keep your food safe but its chic outlook has made this model attractive and different from others. This is an outstanding graphical design base glossy red and white color model of refrigerator with storage cap ... [more]
Jamuna JE 150 Deep freezer Price and Reviews
Jamuna Deep FreezeDuring this Eid Jamuna has brings new model of freezer with extra ordinary features of 120 hours nonstop support in the time of no electricity. This Jamuna JE 150 Deep freezer has multiple attractive colors with six layers features stainless steel made durable body structure which will give you long term nonstop servi ... [more]
Linnex Refrigerator TRF-260 T Price and Reviews
Linnex Refrigerator TRF-260 T Refrigerator has become part and parcel of our daily kitchen. Apart from television you may find this appliance at the corner of any house. Due to have this smart appliance you are getting the test of real food with flavor. Day bay day demand of refrigerator is increasing. Therefore appliances manufacturer ... [more]
LG Freezer GCS335SV Reviews
LG Freezer GCS335SVFreezer is one of the common appliances of big kitchen where non vegetarian as well as other food need to store for longer time at frozen mood. LG is a renowned brand all over the world. It is a big brand of South Korea. In our country Butterfly group is the importer of this popular latest technology using ... [more]
Walton Freezer FC-1B3 Price and Reviews
Walton Freezer FC-1B3“Eat fresh keep safe” is the slogan of refrigerator. Journey has began two hundred years back, Royal family used to have ice chamber to keep their food fresh and safe for long time. Day by day researchers have worked hard and discover a magical food storing machine known as freezer. One of the sections of refrigerator especially ma ... [more]
Walton Freezer WVF 1R2 Price and Reviews
Walton Freezer WVF 1R2 During the season of summer Walton has introduced new model of WVF 1R2 freezer. This is a tower shape deep blue color multiple layers base model of freezer with elegant outlook. This direct cooling freezer has total storage capacity of 11.5 cft. Or 192 litters. Compact body structure with attractive features has made this m ... [more]
LG Refrigerator GCS172SL Price and Reviews
LG Refrigerator GCS172SLThis is one of the interesting product from LG in which maximum features of a modern refrigerator this product possess in a reasonable price. When you are looking for a quality refrigerator and your family is not so big then this refrigerator would be the fittest product for your home. ... [more]
LG Refrigerator GN-V292RLC Price and Reviews
LG Refrigerator GN-V292RLCNo one can ignore the importance of refrigerator as a home or kitchen appliance. Even this appliance almost become part and parcel of modern life and this refrigerator LG GN-V292RLC can make your life easier then you can expect. A ... [more]
LG Refrigerator GC-269V Price and Reviews
LG Refrigerator GC-269VWhen you are looking for a quality refrigerator from the world class brand in a reasonable price then what could be more beneficial then this refrigerator from LG. As you can guess about this brand, this is one of the leading brand in the world market and making their position stronger with the variation of time. Th ... [more]
Hitachi Refrigerator R M700GPGV2 Price and Reviews
Hitachi Refrigerator R M700GPGV2 Tall, black and handsome, yes I am talking about a model of Hitachi Refrigerator RM700GPGV2. You may fall in love with this attractive black looking refrigerator model. Hitachi is a renowned brand of all over the world. It is a brand of Japan. As we all know Japan is always remain one stapes ahead in terms of ... [more]
Vision Refrigerator VIS-196 Price and Reviews
Vision Refrigerator VIS-196 Fresh, healthy and test, three things are mandatory in our daily food, would remain same after a week or more in modern technology base refrigerator. Among the domestic brand Vision, sister concern of RFL, has introduced new VIS-196 model of refrigerator. This model is the right combination of modern techn ... [more]
Sharp Refrigerators SJ-PD35P-SL price and reviews
Sharp Refrigerators SJ-PD35P-SL No matter whatever the season it is we always want to eat fresh and healthy food. Sharp has introduced new Refrigerators SJ-PD35P-SL model with futuristic features. Chroming color with flat glossy finishing touch has made this model unique. This family size refrigerator could make you feel bett ... [more]
LG Refrigerator GT-D4111PZ Price and Reviews
LG Refrigerator GT-D4111PZ LG Refrigerator GT-D4111PZ is one of the top rank refrigerator models of LG in recent time. This is the top most technology base appliance that will give you more convenience and new experience of storing food. Silver color elegant look has given an extra ordinary look would definitely incre ... [more]
LG Refrigerator GC-269VL Price and Reviews
LG Refrigerator GC-269VL LG has introduced new model GC-269VL of family size refrigerator. Smooth finishing with silver color elegant look has made this model lucrative to the buyers. This is a bottom freezer. It does help the senior citizen to get the food as well as store the food easily. THE GOOD ... [more]
Yama Personal Air Cooler 13A Price and Reviews
Air CoolerIf you want to keep your place cool in this hot summer then most convenience way to do this is getting air cooler. Using only water and normal plastic fan this appliance inserts the air from the back and goes through a cooling pad and make sure about cool air in the room. Day bay day demand of air cooler is increasing due to the reason of incr ... [more]
Symphony H50 Mobile Reviews
Symphony H50 Smartphone is one of the latest phones of Symphony mobile companies. The symphony mobile company announced about this phone only a couple of months ago that means symphony has announced about this phone on September, 2014. This is a great phone with update version of android (kitkat). Well, all we know that lollypop is on the way and you may upda ... [more]
Vision Personal Air Cooler BB801526 Price and Review
Vision Personal Air Cooler BB801526 Air cooler is machine that can make you feel relief in the days of summer. When summer is knocking at the door and you know how much extreme it can be in the Indian sub-continent. Vision Personal Air Cool ... [more]
Walton Air Cooler WRA-S77 Price and Review
Walton Air Cooler WRA-S77 Price and ReviewProduct from Walton especially Air Cooler can make your summer enjoyable instead of suffering you can feel better in the summer by purchasing this product. There is always a question about the quality of the Walton’s product; we will get all the information from this article. First of all let&rsquo ... [more]
Panasonic Dry Iron NI-317T Price, Review and Specifications
Panasonic Dry IronIron is one of the most needed home appliances in the day to day life. There is hardly any corporate and busy life that could pass a single without using the Iron. Same time, Panasonic is very well known international brand that possess a very well fame world wide market. You will all the quality home appliances that you need.  ... [more]
Walton Steam Iron WIR-S04 Price and Review
Walton Steam IronWhen you are dealing with home and you are maintaining a social life then Iron can make your life and its activity easy as well as smooth. You cannot deny the importance of the Iron as a home appliance. Specially, in the modern world of trade, those people who always habited with the dealing of trade, they hardly can make their without ... [more]
Mira Mini Clip Fan M-13 Price and Review
Mira Mini Clip Fan GreenWell, it is good to introduce a product when the winter is almost comes to its end and same time when you are living in the south-east Asia where summer/extreme summer is the main season. The bad news is, sometime the summer crosses its limit that it’s become hard to survive due to hot. Specially, this problem is so acute in th ... [more]
Philips Iron GC-148 Price and Review
Philips Iron GC-148 Iron is an important home appliance in the recent days, when the life is upgrading with the time then why we should we keep ourselves back. This iron can make your life more easy and comfortable. Specially, when the weather is cold and it becomes hard to dry the clothes. You can stay tension free with your wet cloth when you have Philips G ... [more]
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3HS2 Price and Review
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3HS2 It is good to introduce a new product to our visitor when the winter is going extreme and out of tolerate in the Indian sub-continent. As the head line mentions that, it is a water heater. The common idea about the water heater is very common to the common people. When we are talking about the Panasonic DH-3HS2 Water ... [more]
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3JL1 Price and Review
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3JL1 When you are facing trouble for the winter, especially in the shower then you can check this out, this will take your anxiety about the winter and let you give a cold free bath. Bangladesh is not a country that has a long winter, for this reason they are not so adjusted with this season. At the same time, diseases th ... [more]
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3JP2W Price and Review
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3JP2W Panasonic brings to you some exclusive shower water heater that will make your day start with a joy of shower, when it is winter. There is a big problem in the Bangladesh and its neighbor countries that the season of winter is very short and the people of these countries are not adjusted with the winter, in this p ... [more]
Novena Room Heater NRH-1202 Price and Review
Novena Room Heater In the recent days when the time is going on with the winter, room heater is one of the comfortable names in the home appliance. There is no need to introduce that why it is very much needed in the winter. As to say about the importance of the product, first thing we have to mention that, this will make feel comfortable hot in the ... [more]
Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC001 Price and Reviews
Walton Room HeaterAs we mostly talking about the Walton that, this company has almost all the product which are needed for any home. You cannot but you have believe that, no other company in the Bangladesh have so many variety product in their showroom or the storehouse or in the upcoming list. So, you can easily imagine in what level the compan ... [more]
Novena NRH-1206 Room Heater Price and Review
Novena Room HeaterRoom heater is one of the most demanded products in the season of the winter; most probably this product has the most demand in those families where have some sick people due to cold. That is not the reason behind the demand of this product rather when winter becomes extreme, it become extreme for all. No one is going to feel hot i ... [more]
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3JL2P Price and Review
Panasonic DH-3JL2P Water Heater When you are thinking about a complete wash room that bear the blue blood, then you have to move your concentration to the water heater as like  Panasonic DH-3JL2P. This device will give you a new experience in your shower.  When you are thinking about this water, a question may appear in your ... [more]
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3LS1 Price and Review
Panasonic Water Heater DH-3LS1 When the word heater is come in front of any person and that is in the time of cold season, this going to be an utterance of comfort. Nothing is so enchanting then the heating machinery when the weather is extreme cold. Although the weather of Bangladesh is not as extreme in the cold as the western country is. But th ... [more]
Novena Room Heater NRH-1201 Price and Review
Novena Room HeaterWhen the time is winter and the weather has cross the limit and become extreme, especially for the old persons as well as for the children, it is very much dangerous for them to maintain the normal body heat. You cannot expect this from the warm cloth when you are not young enough to produce the necessary temperature. Most of the t ... [more]
Novena Rice Cooker NMFD-128 Review and the Price
Novena Rice CookerWith the up gradation of life style, rice cooker is becoming familiar and famous with the flow of the time. The important matter is, this kitchen appliance becoming a part of the kitchen. Your kitchen is not going to complete without the rice cooker. At the same time, Rice is the main food of the Indian sub continent, for this reas ... [more]
Novena Rice Cooker NRC-92 Price and Review
Novena Rice Cooker This kitchen appliance is one of the most demanded in those countries where people get very few time to cook. At the same time, in Bangladesh rice cookers demand is increasing day by day for its easy way cooking and multi function system. When we are talking about Bangladesh, it is good to say about the rice, that it is the main food ... [more]
Shimizu Induction Cooker CTC 600 Price and Review
Shimizu Induction CookerIt’s become interesting matter when the word cook is come in front of those people who have family or don’t have but have to cook for self. Maximum of the people are always in search of the easy way to cook the food. You cannot avoid this matter because you always want the easy way for your wife/husband to mak ... [more]
Sharp Microwave Oven R-32A0 Price and Reviews
Sharp Microwave Oven As an essential appliance of your kitchen you have to select a perfect microwave oven. Microwave oven is now becoming a daily necessary among the appliances. Especially microwave oven is really an ideal appliance for the busy professionals. So if you fail to choose an appropriate microwave oven for your kitchen you don’t kno ... [more]
Walton Room Heater WRH-FH01 Product Price and Review
Walton Room HeaterThere is no need to introduce the importance of the room heater in the days of winter. But it is good tell about the room heater that, it is almost a new product in Bangladesh, most of the people are not familiar with this product. Walton WRH-FH01 can make your winter days feel warm more then your expectation, you know th ... [more]
Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC002 Reviews and Price
Walton Room HeaterOn the day of winter hot warm feelings become so valuable that you are not going to deny purchasing a room heater in these days. Although, room heater is not so familiar to the root level people but it is a matter of time to become familiar in the root level of the Bangladeshi people.  Here we are introducing a r ... [more]
Comet Induction Cooker CTC 300B Price and Review
Comet Induction Cooker Induction cooker is a wonderful invention for make life easier in the kitchen. It is a risk free device that never has any chance to lick but the gas cylinder or gas burner has. You cannot avoid cooking when you are living in a house and you have a family. The important question is, what way you re going to make your cooki ... [more]
Walton 3D LED Television W55E72 Price Features and Reviews
Walton 3D LED TelevisionWell, it is good to say about a brand new and exciting product of the Walton. LED television at the same time 3D, is very much enchanting something like wow for the modern life including the people root level. In the matter of up gradation of life style, no one can bind their life in a technology rather they have to move on with t ... [more]
Sharp Microwave Oven R72A1 Price and Reviews
Sharp Microwave OvenMicrowave oven is available almost every kitchen now a day. Now it is not an appliance for just reheating. This appliance is useful for basic kitchen tasks and also handy to prepare various dishes. Latest technologies have been applied in appliances like microwave oven and day by day update features are including. So if you can choos ... [more]
Sharp Microwave Oven R-72A0 Price and Reviews
Sharp Microwave Oven Latest technology is bringing change in the electric and electronic products. You will not see a product with the same features which you have seen two or three years ago. Modern technology base appliances have a serious impact in our life. Even it has changed the scenery of a kitchen. Oven is a significant appliance and available ... [more]
Minister Refrigerator SRD 199DB Price and Review
Minister RefrigeratorThis is one of the finest performers amongst the Minister refrigerator. So far we receive the information about this refrigerator, no one give us any complain yet. The question on the producing country of this brand? It is totally a domestic brand that means Bangladesh is the producing country. You cannot deny it that, in ... [more]
Minister Refrigerator M267R Price and Review
Minister M267R RefrigeratorWell, Minister brand has some new model of refrigerator although Minister model self a new brand in the market but that is not fact at all for a quality product producer. Important matter is, when a company producing their product with the combination of the quality as well as the affordable price, we say that the company/br ... [more]
Minister Refrigerator BCD276LBW Price and Review
Minister Refrigerator BCD276LBW It is good to introduce a new model of a domestic brand, as to say about the brand, Minister is one of the new and becoming famous in the whole country very fast with the performance and the affordable price. At the same time, refrigerator is one of the important home appliances for the Bangladeshi people. No on ... [more]
Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC002 Price and Reviews
Walton Room HeaterRoom heater is an essential appliance. It is necessary in those houses where old man and child stay. In those countries where winter is the main season people are habituated with the cold weather. But in country like Bangladesh people become victim of the cruelty of nature. In Bangladesh the disaster of winter does not appear i ... [more]
Walton Room Heater WRH-FH01 Price and Reviews
Walton Room Heater Winter is knocking at the door. In country like Bangladesh most of the times you will find hot weather. But the winter season is also significant and you have to remain careful in this short time. Though it is not scenery of every season but it may occurred an acute blow of cold in the winter. So we have to suffer a lot ... [more]
LG Microwave Oven MS2342DS Price and Reviews
LG Microwave OvenLatest technology has entered in the every sphere of human life. Even you can’t keep your kitchen without a technology base appliance. Microwave oven is an invention of modern technology which has brought a dramatic change in the kitchen. Gradually people are becoming dependable on such kind of appliances. Though fire is the best option ... [more]
LG Microwave Oven MH6349B Price and Reviews
LG Microwave OvenMicrowave oven is gradually engrossing the kitchen of the common people. Though it was a fascinating invention of modern technology but now you will get this appliance in almost all kitchens of the middle class people. Microwave oven has brought a dramatic change in the kitchen. This appliance has a great impact on the life of those people who ... [more]
Minister Refrigerator BCD 168G Price and Review
Minister Refrigerator In the time of the modern science, refrigerator is the one of the most common home appliance in all over the world. This product has a great demand in those countries where hot weather is very common. As to say about the demand, refrigerator mostly used for keep the food item fresh. That’s why it has almost ... [more]
LG Microwave Oven MS2041C Price and Reviews
LG Microwave OvenMicrowave oven is becoming a common appliance day by day. All most all middle class families have microwave oven now a day. Microwave oven is also a very useful appliance. Modern technology has brought microwave oven with various uses. Now it is not an appliance of basic kitchen tasks. It has brought a revolutionary change in the kitchen. The ... [more]
Sharp Microwave Oven R-360J Price and Reviews
Sharp Microwave OvenModern technology has brought latest appliances beyond the reach of common people. So these are no more the unique possession of the aristocrat people. And the companies are also manufacturing same appliance of various prices according to the quality. Gradually human being is becoming dependable on latest technology base appliances. Now a ... [more]
Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-ST651 Price and Reviews
Panasonic Microwave OvenCooking is an art of human being. As the era has changed style of cooking has also changed. People have learned to make different types of food. Now you will find more delicious dishes than the ancient time. So food is no more a basic need of human being. In the modern age food is becoming a matter of fashion also. But how can y ... [more]
Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-GD692SYTE Price and Reviews
Panasonic Microwave OvenThough human being is influenced by nature but latest technology has brought a significant impact on the modern life. You can’t say modern science has made natural things artificial. Latest technologies just have brought the art in human’s activities. Cooking is a mandatory subject for our life. You need time to ... [more]
Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-GF560MYTE Price and Reviews
Panasonic Microwave OvenMicrowave oven is a magical invention of modern science. This latest technology base appliance has brought a dramatic change in the kitchen. Microwave oven is ideal for busy professionals; it provides meal quick and easily. This era is running on competition and it will be difficult to survive if you waste time. So microwave ... [more]
Conion Microwave Oven BG-20CTB Price and Reviews
Conion Microwave Oven Now a day’s microwave oven is becoming a common appliance in the kitchen. Especially for the service holder it is a useful product. If you believe in hard work you will pay great value to time.  Time is important for earning money. Appliances like microwave oven have a great impact on the life of modern people. So you cann ... [more]
Walton Microwave Oven WG20 AL Price and Reviews
Walton Microwave OvenNow a day’s time is the most valuable asset for those who realize the competition of modern age. Latest technology of the modern science is trying its level best to save time of the busy people. But always your aim is to lead a luxurious life and so you also want to take tasty food. As the time is very important in such age of competit ... [more]
Delonghi Room Heater DCH5091ER Price and Reviews
Delonghi Room Heater Electricity is the most precious invention of science. People are no more the victim of the cruelty of nature. The latest technology has brought a revolutionary change with this magical invention. In the early age of modern science we have got electric fan in the summer. But with the change of time now you will find warm air ... [more]
Sebec Room Heater SFH-4B Price and Reviews
Sebec Room HeaterDo you want to enjoy the natural weather? Are you fond of winter season or afraid of severe cold? No need to panic, latest technology is always trying to make your life enjoyable and fashionable even in a difficult situation. Room heater is one of the significant inventions of modern science. Generally r ... [more]
Sebec Room Heater SFH-3B Price and Reviews
Sebec Room Heater When the cold really hits in winter you need to produce such environment that is not only suitable but also resulting energy bill that won’t send you broke. So I am telling about heat the home using less power but with maximum effectiveness. There are different ways to hit your room and room heater is one of them. Generally ... [more]
Konka Microwave Oven K2MGOETPPrice and Review
Konka Microwave OvenIn the recent days, Microwave oven is one of the important kitchen appliance in which life can become easier. You know, your kitchen will not be complete without the oven, at the same time kitchen user cannot feel comfortable if she has no oven in the kitchen. If we take a look the importance of the oven in the weather conditio ... [more]
Rowa Room Heater PFH-2000B-LCD Price and Review
Rowa Room Heater PFH-2000B-LCD Price and ReviewOn the season of the winter we have to suffer a lot due to cold in the both house as well as outside. In the condition of the Bangladesh, where most people are adjusted to live in the hot weather, for them cold season is very difficult to tolerate. If we further discuss this point, we will see, ... [more]
Ocean Room Heater OFH04G Price and Reviews
Ocean Room Heater OFH04G Fire was one of humankind's earliest and greatest discoveries something like one or two million years ago. It is one of the most significant comodities of humanbeing. In our modern age many inventions rely on fire in one crucial way or another. But everytime the purpose of fire is not same. Sometime the scientists are using f ... [more]
Ocean Room Heater OFH09G Price and Reviews
Ocean Room Heater OFH09G Once upon a time people were grateful to the modern science for consuming latest facilities. That was only matter of getting rid of difficult situation and bringing the opposite circumstance in favor. But it has become a competition of enjoying better facilities but also leading a fashionable life. With the help of latest technol ... [more]
Ocean Room Heater OFH04W Price and Reviews
Ocean Room Heater OFH04GOnce upon a time the effort of science was very simple. The intention of the scientist was to survive on the very circumstances. But gradually as the modern era arrived now it has become the matter of overcoming the difficult situation with the help of latest technology. Now we are talking about the cruelty of natur ... [more]
Conion Microwave BG-20CTB Oven Price & Review
Conion Microwave OvenMicrowave oven becomes the demand of the time. A kitchen cannot be fulfill without the microwave oven. You know, in the season of the winter its become hard to eat any without making it warm. In this purpose, oven is very much important. At the same time, oven can make your life easy than your imagination. You may ask the question, ho ... [more]
Rangs Charger Fan KN-2391 Price and Review
Rangs Charger FanIn the current weather situation of Bangladesh, charger fan is one of the most needed home appliance for recent time. We think, there is no need to describe why we are talking in this way. You know the hotness of the Bangladeshi weather, at the same time the acute load shedding problem. Although, most of the people have adjusted with a ... [more]
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Walton Freezer FC-1B3 Price and Review
Walton FreeverWalton is now become one of the major and famous brand in the Bangladesh, that very few people of our country don't know the name of the Walton. The reasons behind the popularity of this brand are, the variety and wide range of products in almost every electrical sector. Specially, in the home appliance, mobile/cell phones and in the motorbikes; ... [more]
Walton Refrigerator W2D-2B0 Curved Door Price and Review
Walton RefrigeratorIn the recent time, Walton's activity as a company brand is mostly eye catch-able in the whole Bangladesh. This brand is enhancing their business in all the sectors as they can. Maximum of the people of Bangladesh are familiar with this brand. As we mentioned in our previous articles, why this brand is so familiar with the people of Bangladesh? Walton always producing their product ... [more]
Walton Freezer FC-2T5 Price and Reviews
Walton Freezer As a matter of fact, in current weather condition of Bangladesh, freezer is one of the most needed home appliances. It is good to know about the company/brand like Walton. You know, no other brand like Walton is so popular or familiar in recent time in our country. Lets just take a look briefly on the scope of products/business of Walton. ... [more]
Walton Refrigerator W2D 2B0 Price and Review
Walton RefrigeratorOne of the most well-known and famous brand in Bangladesh is Walton. It’s a very common question for our visitor, why we are mentioning Walton as the most familiar brand? You know, very few company in the Bangladesh has so many variety in their product which merely have in any other company. On the other hand, in the economic conditi ... [more]
Walton Freezer FC-3J0 Price and Reviews
As to know about this freezer, first of all let’s take a look over the Walton company/brand. This company now become the most well known in Bangladesh. It is a big fact for a company/brand to make their popularity for enhance the business. From this sense, Walton already made their position strongly in all over the country. If we make a sudden visit on the ways/products of the Walton, we will found a vast range of products in its store/showroom. Very few brands in our country have so ma ... [more]
Walton Freezer FC-1D5 Price and Review
It is good to start with some basic information about the Walton Company. As we know about this company, it is our domestic Brand or company. But the most important information about this company is, it has a huge product range that cross the limit in the compare with the similar domestic brands. At the same time, Walton is becoming more and more popular for its quality product and the reasonable price range. Freezer is one of the main products from the Walton. In the current weathe ... [more]
Walton Refrigerator W2D 2D4 Price and Reviews
Refrigerator is an appliance that has changed the world. Because of having storage advantages now we can enjoy one season food in other season. In hot and humidity weather foods become rotten quickly. To keep the food fresh and healthy refrigerator is mandatory to have in our daily kitchen. Walton is one of the popular and reliable brands to the customer. They have been manufacturing latest technology base wonderful design appliances among them refrigerator is a popular one. Before pur ... [more]
Walton WJBH391-A Blender Price and Reviews
Blender is one of those items used every day by millions of people. It is convenient and great for making so many types of dishes. It has become one of the most popular kitchen inventions of our time. A blender is an electric kitchen appliance which is used for blending and mixing foods and liquids. An electric culinary grinding and mixing consisting of a container with propeller like blades that are whirled by a high motor to puree, chop or mix foods. It designed for liquids, so smoothie&rsq ... [more]
Walton Refrigerator WFF 2A3 Price and Reviews
Day by day science is exploring the magic of technology. For the advanced technology we are getting latest machineries in our home and kitchen appliances. As a result dreams are becoming true. The big technology base companies have changed our imagination into reality. They are applying latest technology in their product. In Bangladesh Walton is a renowned company who brought a revolutionary change in the market. Especially in the sphere of refrigerator Walton is manufacturing world class pro ... [more]
Walton Blender WBOK82 Price & Reviews
Modern science has brought a dramatic change in the life of human being. Especially for the effort of modern science tough has become easier. The difficulties have been reduced from those works where physically effort is required. Now a day’s modern technology has entered even into the kitchen to save time which is very much valuable in such age of competition. Blender is one of the magical inventions of modern science. Blender is one of those items used every day by millions of people. ... [more]
LG Freezer GCS335SV Review
One of the common appliances of our daily kitchen is freezer. It has become part and parcel of our daily life. Freezer and refrigerator have changed the concept of food storing. With the help of this appliance we are not only store the food for long time but also maintain the real flavor and aroma of the food.  In our country freezer has become part and parcel of our daily kitchen. We cannot think of storing food without using refrigerator or freezer. Because of the high temper ... [more]
Samsung Freezer ZR-26FAR Review
One of the major parts of the refrigerator is freezer which is used for storing meat or fish. Along with business restaurant it is now become part and parcel of our daily kitchen. According to our kitchen work we select freezer. Compare to refrigerator cavity freezer cavity is more powerful and has strong cooling capacity. The entire refrigerator brands are manufacturing freezer along with refrigerator.  One of the popularbrands in the home and kitchen appliance world is Samsun ... [more]
Walton Walpad C Tab Review
Walton is making their position in the market very first then any other company in the Bangladesh. This is one the major company in our country that possess multiple product and every product has different fame in the Bangladeshi people. Mobile phone sector of Walton is very well known to us. It has a big market in the whole country. As usual we know, product up gradation is a part to stay and grab the market. Walton has all short mobile phone including Android, Keypad feature phone, Tab etc. ... [more]
Walton Refrigerator WFF-2A3 Review
Appliance has made huge change in our daily life. In other word we are very, much depended on the appliances. One of the common appliances of our daily life is refrigerator. It’s become necessity product rather than luxuries. Day by day technology is improving as a result we got the opportunity to live our life more easily and safely.  In the case of Bangladesh, few years back people thought refrigerator is an upper class family product. It was obvious in that time becaus ... [more]
Hitachi Refrigerator RM-700GMS Review
One of the common appliances of the world is refrigerator. It has changed the total concept of food storing. Along with latest technology this magical appliance is providing better facilities. Unlike ordinary refrigerator modern days refrigerator has several modern features.  In Bangladesh because of the hot weather demand of the refrigerator always remain high. As a result many national and multinational home and kitchen appliance brand are available in our country. They are i ... [more]
Walton Air Cooler WRA-S66 Review
In the current weather situation in our country, it is no longer need to say that what the importance of the AC in our country is. There is a common tendency in our mind that AC is a home appliance which cost a lot. For now, we have some good news for those people who believe/think so. First of all, we have to know that AC means not air cooler in every time. At the same time, we also have to know the classification of the air cooler. In a very normal sense, AC means two part one is ... [more]
Helio S1 Mobile Review
In the present market of mobile phone in the Bangladesh, no one but the world wide famous brands are the famous in Bangladesh also. As to say the name of most famous, the name will come of the company/brand like “Apple” “Samsung” “HTC” “Sony” etc. maximum of the mobile user will share their experience with these names. This will be happen any where in the world. There are hardly any company that can make any competition with these company. But t ... [more]
Edison group brings Helio Mobile in Banglaesh
Very soon Edison Group taking a whole new premium brand category new handset "Helio". On the basis of market research and the customers demand this phone will release in the market very soon. This phone will add a new milestone in the Bangladeshi market without any doubt as its attractive design and maximum features indicate. 4G supported and 64bit processors this phone possess Android 5.1 Lollipop, 5 inches Amouled HD display,13 mega pixel back camera, 8 mega pixel front ... [more]
Hitachi Refrigerator R-270EUK Review
Day by day technology is improving as a result us as an ordinary people are getting the chance of enjoying the flavor of modern technology. By the blessing of the modern technology we are getting convenient and enjoyable life. Refrigerator is one of the blessings of modern technology. Because of the appliance we can easily and safely store our daily food. If we search some of the biggest and famous brand of home and kitchen appliance Hitachi might be in beast five. It is a brand of japan. Hit ... [more]
Walton Freezer FC-1B3 Reviews
Freezer is one of the popular words in our family. Though it is not a human being but it helps us like our near one. Food is the most valuable word in the world. Freezer helps us to store our food for long time along with the real flavor or test of the food and most importantly it does not make any effect on the vitamin of the food. It is a most widely uses home appliance all over the world.  There are various home and kitchen appliances manufacturing companies are available who has been ... [more]
How to clean your refrigerator
Refrigerator is one of the favorite home appliance for the women that they don't want  to clean it with the think that it may got any harm. But the most interesting matter is, they don't get freshness of mind once the fridge look like it need to clean. Although, maximum house wife never think anything dirty. One important home equipment need to clean, they just done it whenever they have the time. On the other hand, fridge is one of the important home equipment that maximum of th ... [more]
Samsung Refrigerator RT38FGUDDGL Review
In our country weather is hot and humid as a result food rot quickly. So it is difficult to store food for long time without help of modern technology. Refrigerator is a popular appliance all over the world. It has become part and parcel of our daily life. Demand of this appliance is all time remain high and in the time of festival or summer it increased lot. There are several international and domestic home and kitchen appliance manufacturing brand are available in our local market. They are ... [more]
Solar power systems and Bangladesh
In the current consequences of Bangladesh, solar power system's importance is just beggar description. As an under development country, solar power system can make light the whole Bangladesh. We all know, in our day to day life, demand of electricity is increasing so fast. Our life depending on electricity in every part of our life. Using of electricity is not close in the fan, light, fridge or air cooler. Now-a-days, maximum product are been created that need electricity to run including ... [more]
Walton Bangladesh Ltd
In recent time, Walton becoming worldwide famous brand in all the sectors of Home appliance, kitchen appliance, Entertain equipments, Mobile/Cell phones and two wheeler bikes also. This company has a huge arrangement of product, which makes their business in the top of the level and gives a huge fame not only in the Bangladesh but also in the whole world. The most important thing is, variety of product and up gradation of the product is a very important policy to keep up with the time. If we ... [more]
Coca-Cola in Bangladesh
Coca-cola is a name which introduce itself in a huge sense in all over the world. There is hardly any person to find out who don't know or heard the word “Coke” or “Coca-Cola” in all over the world. In Bangladesh, Coca-Cola's popularity is not lagging behind at all. Wherever in Bangladesh, soft drinks is mostly known by the Coca-cola. The most important part in Bangladesh, all class of people has equal demand of Coke. Party remains unfinished without cock. Food ... [more]