Winter Companion Room Heater

Winter Companion Room Heater


The feeling of mild cold in the autumn morning is the message of the arrival of winter. Nowadays, even though everyone has AC in their flats or houses, there is a lack of a good quality heater. There is no heater to keep the house warm in hard cold. And for those who often have people in their homes that have a history of getting colds and coughs in the slightest cold, a standard heater works like medicine. But, there are so many models of heaters in the market, what kind of heater to buy, where to get them, so in today's article we will discuss in detail about the types, prices and special functions and benefits of heaters of some famous brands, let's start. .

Types/Variations of Room Heaters

You can choose these five low-cost heaters to keep the Room Heater in the coming winter. They are affordable as well as work at great speed.

1. Mini Room Comforter

Heaters known as mini room comforters are quite popular these days. There are many types of heaters from brands such as Vision Room Heater, Walton Room Heater, and Toshiba Room Heater etc. Mini room comforter electrical power 220 volts, heating power 1000-2000 watts. They usually have auto adjustment, safety tips and overheating protection. Mini room comforters heater price in Bangladesh is 1500 and 2000 taka.

2. Cooling Adjusted Fan Room Heater

Cooling adjusted fan heater is very useful in low cost. This type of heater can be used as an alternative to AC even in hot season. Cooling adjusted fan heater price in BD is also usually between 1600 to 1800. Among the famous brands, the heaters of Toshiba Cooling adjusted fan heater, Singer Cooling adjusted fan heater, Rangs Cooling adjusted fan heater, Nova Cooling adjusted fan heater etc. are quite good in terms of quality.

3. Well Column or Well Radiator Room Heater

Well pen heaters are a great quality heater to keep the bed warm. This type of heater produces heat through the well inside the parts and keeps the room warm. Thanks to the included auto switchboard, you can turn off the heater before going to bed and your room will be as warm as a toaster all night long. Well column or well radiator room heater price is between 3000 to 3500 taka.

4. Electric Room Heater

Electric heaters are usually mains operated. Such heaters are sometimes equipped with charging systems or direct electric connected cables. Electric heaters price are a bit more expensive at 4,000-4,500, but electric heaters are very durable.

5. Infrared Room Heater or Lamp Room Heater

Many people call it a lamp heater or infrared heater because it looks like a small table lamp. You can easily change the temperature of your room from low to high and high to low through the electromagnetic radiator in this type of heater. The electromagnetic radiator of this device has a maximum wavelength of 60 nanometers to 1 meter. And this heater does not require any separate media for connection or charging. Infrared heaters or lamp heaters may cost a bit more than other heaters.

What Exactly is the Room Heater Used for?

  • • Preventing the room from getting too cold and keeping the room warm in winter.

  • • A heater is a useful device for heating water.

  • • Heaters are usually used in automatic hot and cold water system functions in bathrooms.

  • • To heat water and keep the temperature inside the tent warm on a campaign or picnic in a remote area.

  • • To prevent excessive cold air from entering the children's room.

Advantages of Using Room Heaters

• Having a heater in the house means everything from heating water to keeping the house from getting too cold in the winter.

• It is not expensive like other electronic devices.

• Easy to carry anywhere.

• Once the room is warm you can turn it off. As a result, it is very energy efficient.

• Heaters are very useful for households with newborn babies in winters and need to heat water and food every hour. Because, it helps to heat your house as well as food and water.


Although there are a thousand advantages of using a heater, you have to be careful when using it. Make sure that the corner of the room where the heater is placed is out of reach of your children and pets. And it is better to use a separate electrical board for the room heater to avoid short circuit or any kind of accident.

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