Panasonic Split Inverter AC | 1.0 Ton | CU-S13PKH

Panasonic Split Inverter AC | 1.0 Ton | CU-S13PKH

4.9 (29)
Tk. 77,500.00
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  • Made in Spain
  • Unique Handmade Look Ceramic Tile
  • Made for Residential and Commercial Wall Use
  • Great for Kitchen, Backsplash, Bathroom, Shower
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About The Product: Cooling Capacity
Btu/h - 12,500 (3,140-14,300)
kW - 3.66 (0.92-4.20)

Btu/hW - 12.0

ø - 1

Electrical Data
Voltage (V) - 230
Running Current (A) - 4.8
Power Input (W) - 1,040 (260-1,200)

Moisture Removal
L/h - 2.1
Pt/h - 4.4

Air Circulation (Indoor/Hi)
m³/min. - 10.9
ft³/min. - 385

Height (mm) - 290 (542)
Height (inch) - 11-7/16 (21-11/32)
Width (mm) - 870 (780)
Width (inch) - 34-9/32 (30-23/32)
Depth (mm) - 214 (289)
Depth (inch) - 8-7/16 (11-13/32)

Net Weight
kg - 9 (30)
lb - 20 (66)

Refrigerant Pipe Diameter
Liquid Side (mm) - ø 6.35
Liquid Side (inch) - ¼
Gas Side (mm) - ø 12.70
Gas Side (inch) - ½

Pipe Extension
Chargeless Pipe Length (m) - 7.5
Maximum Pipe Length (m) - 15
Maximum Elevation Length (m) - 5
Additional Refrigerant Gas* (g/m) - 15

Power Supply
- Indoor

Cleaner Air
nanoe-G - Yes
Anti-Bacterial Filter - No
Odour-Removing Function - Yes
Removable, Washable Panel - Yes
Catching Air Purifying Filter - No
Solar Refreshing Deodorizing Filter - No

Temperature Wave - Yes
Inverter Control - Yes
Mild Dry Cooling - Yes
Quiet Mode - Yes
Powerful Mode - Yes
Soft Dry Operation Mode - Yes
Personal Airflow Creation - Yes
Airflow Direction Control (Up Down) - No
Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control - No
Manual Airflow Direction Control (Left Right) - No
Sleep Mode Auto-Control - No
Automatic Operation Mode (Cooling) - Yes

Convenience 24-Hour Dual ON OFF Real Setting Timer - Yes
24-Hour ON OFF Real Setting Timer - No
12-Hour ON OFF Setting Timer - No
LCD Wireless Remote Control - Yes
Wired Remote Control - No

Reliability Auto Restart - No
Random Auto Restart (32 Restart Patterns) - Yes
Blue Fin Condenser - Yes
Long Piping (Numbers indicate the maximum pipe length) - 15m
Top-Panel Maintenance Access - Yes
Self-Diagnostic Function - Yes

Key Specs
Brand Transtec
Category Inverter Ac
Model Indoor (50Hz) - CS-S13PKH Outdoor (50Hz) - (CU-S13
Price Tk. 77,500.00

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