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Notebook Price in Bangladesh 2019

Notebook Price in Bangladesh 2019. Latest Notebook Specification And Review 2019.Best Notebook Products 2018.

Lenovo Ideapad IP330-15AST Lenovo Ideapad IP330-15AST Model: Ideapad IP330-15AST
Taka: 28,500.00
Lenovo Ideapad IP330-14AST Lenovo Ideapad IP330-14AST Model: Ideapad IP330-14AST
Taka: 28,500.00
Asus X507MA Intel CDC N4000 Asus X507MA Intel CDC N4000 Model: Asus X507MA
Taka: 25,500.00
HP 15-db0188au AMD Ryzen 5 2500U HP 15-db0188au AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Model: HP 15-db0188au
Taka: 45,750.00
HP 14-cm0096au AMD Ryzen 3 2200U HP 14-cm0096au AMD Ryzen 3 2200U Model: HP 14-cm0096au
Taka: 38,750.00
I-Life Laptop Zed Note II I-Life Laptop Zed Note II Model: Zed Note II
Taka: 24,000.00
I-Life Laptop Zed Book I-Life Laptop Zed Book Model: Zed Book
Taka: 25,000.00
I-Life Laptop Zed Air H I-Life Laptop Zed Air H Model: Zed Air H
Taka: 19,899.00
Fujitsu Laptop S937 Fujitsu Laptop S937 Model: S937
Taka: 130,000.00
Fujitsu Laptop U537 Fujitsu Laptop U537 Model: U537
Taka: 75,000.00
Asus Laptop TP203NAH Asus Laptop TP203NAH Model: TP203NAH
Taka: 37,245.00
Lenovo Laptop IP 320-(80XG0087IN) Lenovo Laptop IP 320-(80XG0087IN) Model: IP 320-(80XG0087IN)
Taka: 34,184.00
Lenovo Laptop IP320-(80XG0089IN) Lenovo Laptop IP320-(80XG0089IN) Model: IP320-(80XG0089IN)
Taka: 34,184.00
Lenovo Laptop IP 320-(80XK00PCIN) Lenovo Laptop  IP 320-(80XK00PCIN) Model: IP 320-(80XK00PCIN)
Taka: 37,245.00
Lenovo Laptop IP 320-(80XK00PBIN) Lenovo Laptop IP 320-(80XK00PBIN) Model: IP 320-(80XK00PBIN)
Taka: 37,245.00
Lenovo Laptop IP 320-(80XL028WIN) Lenovo Laptop  IP 320-(80XL028WIN) Model: IP 320-(80XL028WIN)
Taka: 37,245.00
Lenovo Laptop IP 320-(80XL03KVIN) Lenovo Laptop IP 320-(80XL03KVIN) Model: IP 320-(80XL03KVIN)
Taka: 36,225.00
Lenovo Laptop Miix 310-(80SG00EAIN) Lenovo Laptop Miix 310-(80SG00EAIN) Model: Miix 310-(80SG00EAIN)
Taka: 22,960.00
Walton Laptop Prelude R1 WPR14N33SL Walton Laptop Prelude R1 WPR14N33SL Model: WPR14N33SL
Taka: 0.00
Walton Laptop Prelude R1WPR14N33BL Walton Laptop Prelude R1WPR14N33BL Model: WPR14N33BL
Taka: 21,550.00
Apple MacBook Pro MPXR2PA/A Apple MacBook Pro MPXR2PA/A Model: MPXR2PA/A
Taka: 124,500.00
Apple MacBook MPTT2PA/A Apple MacBook MPTT2PA/A Model: MPTT2PA/A
Taka: 259,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MLL42ZA/A Apple MacBook Pro MLL42ZA/A Model: MLL42ZA/A
Taka: 137,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2ZP/A Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2ZP/A Model: MLVP2ZP/A
Taka: 157,500.00
Apple MacBook MNYF2ZP/A Apple MacBook MNYF2ZP/A Model: MNYF2ZP/A
Taka: 129,500.00
Apple MacBook MNYG2ZP/A Apple MacBook MNYG2ZP/A Model: MNYG2ZP/A
Taka: 157,500.00
Apple MacBook MNYL2ZP/A Apple MacBook MNYL2ZP/A Model: MNYL2ZP/A
Taka: 157,500.00
Apple MacBook MPXW2LL/A Apple MacBook MPXW2LL/A Model: MPXW2LL/A
Taka: 191,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2ZP/A Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2ZP/A Model: MPXT2ZP/A
Taka: 148,500.00
Apple MacBook MPTR2ZP/A Apple MacBook MPTR2ZP/A Model: MPTR2ZP/A
Taka: 220,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MPXX2ZP/A Apple MacBook Pro MPXX2ZP/A Model: MPXX2ZP/A
Taka: 163,000.00
Apple MacBook MNYK2ZP/A Apple MacBook MNYK2ZP/A Model: MNYK2ZP/A
Taka: 124,000.00
Apple MacBook MNYJ2ZP/A Apple MacBook MNYJ2ZP/A Model: MNYJ2ZP/A
Taka: 147,000.00
Apple MacBook Air MQD42ZP/A Apple MacBook Air MQD42ZP/A Model: MQD42ZP/A
Taka: 113,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MPXV2LL/A Apple MacBook Pro MPXV2LL/A Model: MPXV2LL/A
Taka: 169,500.00
Apple MacBook Pro MLH12ZA/A Apple MacBook Pro MLH12ZA/A Model: MLH12ZA/A
Taka: 165,500.00
Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2ZA/A Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2ZA/A Model: MLVP2ZA/A
Taka: 165,500.00
Apple MacBook Pro MJLQ2ZA/A Apple MacBook Pro MJLQ2ZA/A Model: MJLQ2ZA/A
Taka: 180,500.00
Apple MacBook Pro MLH42ZA/A Apple MacBook Pro MLH42ZA/A Model: MLH42ZA/A
Taka: 252,500.00
Apple MacBook MK4N2ZA/A Apple MacBook MK4N2ZA/A Model: MK4N2ZA/A
Taka: 140,500.00
Apple MacBook MLHE2ZA/A Apple MacBook MLHE2ZA/A Model: MLHE2ZA/A
Taka: 115,500.00
Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A Model: MQD32HN/A
Taka: 97,000.00
Apple MacBook Pro MNQF2ZA/A Apple MacBook Pro MNQF2ZA/A Model: MNQF2ZA/A
Taka: 185,500.00
Apple MacBook Pro MD101ZA/A Apple MacBook Pro MD101ZA/A Model: MD101ZA/A
Taka: 95,500.00
Walton Laptop Passion WP14B71B Walton Laptop  Passion WP14B71B Model: WP14B71B
Taka: 24,050.00
Walton Laptop Tamarind WT14A42G Walton Laptop  Tamarind WT14A42G Model: WT14A42G
Taka: 25,990.00
Walton Laptop Passion WP157U5G Walton Laptop  Passion WP157U5G Model: WP157U5G
Taka: 43,950.00
Walton Laptop Passion WP14A42B Walton Laptop  Passion WP14A42B Model: WP14A42B
Taka: 26,550.00
Walton Laptop Prelude R1 WPR14N33BL Walton Laptop  Prelude R1 WPR14N33BL Model: WPR14N33BL
Taka: 21,550.00
Walton Laptop Prelude R1 WPR14N34GR Walton Laptop  Prelude R1 WPR14N34GR Model: WPR14N34GR
Taka: 22,990.00
Walton Laptop Prelude R1 WPR14N34GL Walton Laptop  Prelude R1 WPR14N34GL Model: WPR14N34GL
Taka: 23,550.00
Walton Laptop WPR14N33SL Walton Laptop WPR14N33SL Model: WPR14N33SL
Taka: 19,990.00
Asus Laptop X556UR- 7100U Asus Laptop X556UR- 7100U Model: X556UR- 7100U
Taka: 42,800.00
Asus Laptop X556UQ-7200U Asus Laptop X556UQ-7200U Model: X556UQ-7200U
Taka: 52,490.00
Asus Laptop Max X441UA Asus Laptop Max X441UA Model: Max X441UA
Taka: 36,500.00
Asus Laptop Max X441SA Asus Laptop Max X441SA Model: Max X441SA
Taka: 21,990.00
Asus Laptop Max X541UV Asus Laptop Max X541UV Model: Max X541UV
Taka: 40,000.00
Asus Laptop VivoBook Flip TP201SA N3060 Asus Laptop VivoBook Flip TP201SA N3060 Model: VivoBook Flip TP201SA N3060
Taka: 29,500.00
Asus Laptop VivoBook Flip TP201SA Asus Laptop VivoBook Flip TP201SA Model: VivoBook Flip TP201SA
Taka: 29,500.00
Asus Laptop X556UQ-6500U Asus Laptop X556UQ-6500U Model: X556UQ-6500U
Taka: 59,990.00
Dell Notebook XPS 13-9350 Dell Notebook XPS 13-9350 Model: XPS 13-9350
Taka: 178,500.00
Dell Notebook XPS 15-9550 Dell Notebook XPS 15-9550 Model: XPS 15-9550
Taka: 173,250.00
Dell Notebook XPS 9350 Dell Notebook XPS 9350 Model: XPS 9350
Taka: 173,250.00
Dell Notebook Inspiron 15-5567 Dell Notebook Inspiron 15-5567 Model: Inspiron 15-5567
Taka: 59,325.00
Dell Notebook Inspiron 15-7559 Dell Notebook Inspiron 15-7559 Model: Inspiron 15-7559
Taka: 119,700.00
Dell Notebook Latitude E5470 Dell Notebook Latitude E5470 Model: Latitude E5470
Taka: 49,875.00
Dell Notebook Latitude E3470-I5 Dell Notebook Latitude E3470-I5 Model: Latitude E3470-I5
Taka: 55,650.00
Dell Notebook Latitude E5470-I5 Dell Notebook Latitude E5470-I5 Model: Latitude E5470-I5
Taka: 71,925.00
Dell Notebook Latitude E7270-I5 Dell Notebook Latitude E7270-I5 Model: Latitude E7270-I5
Taka: 89,250.00
Acer Notebook Aspire ES1-431-P2HR Acer Notebook Aspire ES1-431-P2HR Model: Aspire ES1-431-P2HR
Taka: 26,800.00
HP Laptop AC127TU HP Laptop AC127TU Model: AC127TU
Taka: 30,900.00
HP Laptop AC130TU HP Laptop AC130TU Model: AC130TU
Taka: 32,700.00
Lenovo Laptop G405 Lenovo Laptop G405 Model: G405
Taka: 25,400.00
Lenovo Laptop G4030 Lenovo Laptop G4030 Model: G4030
Taka: 24,700.00
Lenovo Laptop Idea pad 100 Lenovo Laptop Idea pad 100 Model: Idea pad 100
Taka: 24,700.00
Lenovo Laptop G4045 Lenovo Laptop  G4045 Model: G4045
Taka: 23,200.00
Lenovo Laptop B4080 Lenovo Laptop B4080 Model: B4080
Taka: 42,600.00
Lenovo Laptop G4080 Lenovo Laptop G4080 Model: G4080
Taka: 42,200.00
Lenovo Laptop IP 300 Lenovo Laptop IP 300 Model: IP 300
Taka: 39,700.00
Lenovo Laptop B4180 Lenovo Laptop B4180 Model: B4180
Taka: 38,400.00
MSI Core i5 Notebook CX62 7ML MSI Core i5 Notebook CX62 7ML Model: CX62 7ML
Taka: 48,000.00
MSI Core i5 Notebook CR62 7ML MSI Core i5 Notebook CR62 7ML Model: CR62 7ML
Taka: 45,000.00
MSI Core i3 Notebook CR62 7ML MSI Core i3 Notebook  CR62 7ML Model: CR62 7ML
Taka: 37,000.00
Asus Laptop UX310UQ Asus Laptop UX310UQ Model: UX310UQ
Taka: 90,800.00
Asus Laptop UX360UAK Asus Laptop UX360UAK Model: UX360UAK
Taka: 98,500.00
Asus Laptop T100TAM Asus Laptop T100TAM Model: T100TAM
Taka: 36,000.00
Asus Laptop T100HA Asus Laptop T100HA Model: T100HA
Taka: 29,000.00
Asus Laptop E202SA Asus Laptop E202SA Model: E202SA
Taka: 22,500.00
Asus Laptop X441UA Asus Laptop X441UA Model: X441UA
Taka: 37,500.00
Asus Laptop GL502VM Asus Laptop GL502VM Model: GL502VM
Taka: 139,800.00
Asus Laptop UX390UA Asus Laptop UX390UA Model: UX390UA
Taka: 139,000.00
Asus Laptop GL552JX Asus Laptop GL552JX Model: GL552JX
Taka: 70,000.00
Dell Laptop Latitude 7270 Dell Laptop Latitude 7270 Model: Latitude 7270
Taka: 113,925.00
Dell Laptop Latitude 5270 Dell Laptop Latitude 5270 Model: Latitude 5270
Taka: 91,875.00
Dell Laptop Latitude 5470 Dell Laptop Latitude 5470 Model: Latitude 5470
Taka: 93,975.00
Dell Laptop MD711ZA/A Dell Laptop  MD711ZA/A Model: MD711ZA/A
Taka: 80,000.00
Dell Laptop INSPIRON-5559 Dell Laptop INSPIRON-5559 Model: INSPIRON-5559
Taka: 38,990.00
Dell Laptop INSPIRON-3558 Dell Laptop INSPIRON-3558 Model: INSPIRON-3558
Taka: 36,700.00
Dell Laptop INSPIRON-5459 Dell Laptop INSPIRON-5459 Model: INSPIRON-5459
Taka: 52,000.00
Dell Laptop INSPIRON-3567 Dell Laptop  INSPIRON-3567 Model: INSPIRON-3567
Taka: 53,990.00

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