Walton Split AC WSI-18K-SCXXC price and reviews
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Walton Split AC WSI-18K-SCXXC price and reviews

During summer Walton has introduced new model of Split Walton Split AC WSI-18K-SCXXC air conditioner. Elegant outlook with power efficiency features have made this model more demandable. Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance.


  • Inver technology made appliance make sure about the proper use of power energy. Therefore at the end of the month you would not have to pay huge electricity bill.

  • Along with futuristic features this model has outstanding outlook. That not only keeps your place cool during hot summer but also increase the beauty of your place.

  • Automatic air rotation systems make sure about the proper follow of air all over the room.

  • Sophisticated design with eye attractive white color air conditioner easy to install and easy to operate.

  • LED control panel with remote controller allow manipulating the features according to the weather.

  • This is an available model within affordable price. So you may easily find this model at your nearest Walton home and appliances showrooms.


  • Create irritating noise after using certain time. It might be disturb you in the time of sleep.

Design and outlook 

Walton Split AC WSI-18K-SCXXC
is a white color futuristic feature base split type air conditioner. Installations hassle free model is light weight enough to move from one place to another. Total body is made of durable materials. Total dimension of indoor (L X W X H) is (1150 X 405 X 305) and its outdoor unite (L X W X H) is (935 X 410 X 740). Along with air out flowing window LED control panel is given to adjust the level of cooling and operating function according to the requirement.

Cooling features

This is a 1.5 ton cooling air conditioner. According to the Bangladeshi extreme weather, it has been decorated with CFC and HCFC gas free green technology. Total copper condenser pipe with R-410a refrigerant gas has enough ability to keep the room cool during hot summer. In general it runs at 800 speeds but in turbo mood it could be reach at 1150. 

Available features

Walton is using latest technologies to make the appliance more useful to use. Some of the futuristic features of this model are given below.

Automatic oscillation system: up and down with left and right oscillation system is available to make sure about the proper flow of air all over the room.

Timer: With the help of timer you could easily set the running time. After reaching that particular time Ac will automatically went to the off mood. 

Auto restart: this is an intelligent appliance. Its temperature sensor can understand the situation and turn off the cooling condenser automatically same as get start when required.

Price and Availability

Walton Split AC WSI-18K-SCXXC is a renowned brand and they have several showrooms all over the country. So you could easily have this model at your nearest home and kitchen appliances showrooms of Walton. Price of Walton Split AC WSI-18K-SCXXC is TK 65000 (collected at 12-04-2017).

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