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Walton WFS-TN3-C2SR-VB Refrigerators

Walton WFS-TN3-C2SR-VB Refrigerators

Walton WFS-TN3-C2SR-VB Refrigerators Full specifications

Brand: Walton
Category: Refrigerators
Model: WFS-TN3-C2SR-VB
Price: Tk. 0.00

Residential Use:

- Replacement Guarantee: 1 Year (Condition Apply)
- Main Parts (Compressor): 12 Years
- Door: 3 Years *
- Spare Parts: 4 Years *
- After Sales Service:5 Years *

Commercial Use:
- Main Parts (Compressor): 4 Years
- Door: 1 Years *
- Spare Parts: 2 Years *
- After Sales Service: 2 Years *

This warranty does not cover the following cases:
1. Any damage due to accident, electrical fault, natural causes, negligence or improper installation.
2. Any damage or failure caused by unauthorized modification or alteration.
3. Products with original serial numbers that have been removed, distorted or cannot be readily recognized.

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