Walton WFC-3F5-GDEL-XX

Walton WFC-3F5-GDEL-XX

Walton WFC-3F5-GDEL-XX Full specifications

Brand: Walton
Category: Refrigerators
Model: WFC-3F5-GDEL-XX
Price: Tk. 43,990.00

Cooling Features 
Type : Direct Cool
Gross Volume : 380 Ltr.
Net Volume : 365 Ltr.
Climatic Type (SN, N, ST, T) : N~ST
Rated Operating Voltage and Frequency : 220-240V~ and 50Hz
Compressor Input Power (Watt) : V 0401- 130
V 0501- 50.3~166.7
V 0601- 130
V 0701- 130
V 0702- 130
V 0703-130
V 0801-33.78~126.46
V 0802-33.78~126.46
Compressor Type : V 0401- RSCR
V 0501-BLDC
V 0601- RSCR
V 0701- RSCR
V 0702- RSCR
V 0703-RSCR
V 0801-BLDC
V 0802-BLDC
Cooling Effect : Freezer Cabinet Less than -18℃
Refrigerator Cabinet 0℃ to +5℃
General Features
Temperature Control (Electronic/ Mechanical) : V 0401- Mechanical
V 0501- Mechanical
V 0601- Mechanical
V 0701- Mechanical
V 0702- Mechanical
V 0703-Mechanical
V 0801-Mechanical
V 0802-Electronic
Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual) : Manual
Reversible Door : No
Handle (Recessed/ Grip) : Recessed/ Grip
Lock : Yes
Refrigerant : V 0401- R600a
V 0601- R600a
V 0701- R600a
V 0702- R600a
Condenser : V 0401- Copper
V 0501-Copper
V 0601- Copper
V 0701- Copper
V 0702- Copper
V 0703-Copper
V 0801-Copper
V 0802-Copper
Capillary : Copper
Polyurethane foam blowing agent : Cyclopentene
[Eco-friendly (100% CFC &
HCFC Free) Green Technology]
Operting Voltage : "V 0401/V 0601/V 0701/V 0702/V 0703:
Need Voltage stabilizer capacity is 2100VA V 0501:
Wide Voltage Design (105V-276V) V 0801:
Wide Voltage Design (75V-264V)
N.B.: If out of voltage range(75V-264V)
then suggested voltage stabilizer capacity
is 2100VA."
Recommended voltage stabilizer capacity : V 0101/ 0201/ 0301/ 0401/ 0601/ 0701/ 0702: 2200VA
Refrigerator Compartment
Shelf (Material/ No.) : Wire/3
Door Basket : 4
Interior Lamp : Yes
Vegetable Crisper : Yes/1
Vegetable Crisper Cover : Yes/1
Egg Tray : Yes/2
Can Storage Dispenser : No
Freezer Compartment
Shelf (Material/ No.) : Wire/2
Drawer : No
Door Basket : No
Interior Lamp : No
Dimensions (Net) :
Width/mm : 650
Depth/mm : 650
Height/mm : 1860
Width/mm : 710
Depth/mm : 710
Height/mm : 1910
Weight/Kg - Net/Packing: : 67/ 76 ± 2
Loading Capacity- 40HQ/ 40Ft/ 20Ft : 66/ 48/ 24
Star rating (BDS 1850:2012) : 5
Warranty Information
Replacement Guarantee: 1 Year (Condition Apply)
Main Parts (Compressor): 12 Years
Spare Parts: 4 Years 
After Sales Service:5 Years

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