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Walton Induction Cooker WI S37 Price and Reviews

Walton Induction CookerModern appliances have made our life more convenience and safe than before. Cooking is always been consider as a tough job to perform. You need to have proper idea about cooking ingredients as well as right measure of heating. To make rice right measure of heating with time sating is important. To make this difficult task easy you can use Induction cooker. This modern day’s kitchen appliance has made cooking more pensionable and time saving. Besides, decoration of induction cooker not only cooks food within short time but also increase the beauty of your kitchen.

In recent time, Walton has introduced new model of Walton Induction Cooker WI S37. This ordinary square shape black color plastic body model is decorated with user-friendly operating features. That anyone could easily run this appliance.

Some of the basic features of this model are given below.


  • Attractive design with hassle free cooking is perfect for your kitchen. This plug and play appliance is perfect to use for small family or bachelors.

  • Modern LED touch pad control panel with clearly define operating function. Therefore any one could easily operate this appliance without having any confusion.

  • Intelligent cooking features will help you to get fast cooking menu setting option. You just need to select the button of option.

  • Light weight well organized model easy to operate and move. Also known as a indoor and outdoor cooking appliance.

  • Cooking accessories such as soup pot and pan with plastic heat resistant spun is given to cook safely.

  • This is an available brand model within affordable price.


  • Induction cooker is generally known as a onetime usable appliance. This is a perfect appliance for a small family or bachelor. In your family program you got to use other cooking appliance.

  • As it is an electric appliance. Therefore you need to pay extra electricity bill at the end of the month.

  • Induction cooker is known as one time using appliance. so you need to be careful in terms of using this appliance and need clean it up properly for long term use.

Display and dimension

Walton Induction Cooker WI S37 is a black color ultra slim model of induction cooker with cinch control panel to operate. Total body is made of durable plastic body materials at sophisticated size of (346x214x430) mm and net weight only 5 Kg. That allows you to move this appliance easily from one place to another and set any where your want. At the plate of the heater one circle is given to set the cooking pot to cook food faster. 

Available cooking Features

This model is made of clearly define set of features. Easily operating features is good enough to cook your food fast and hassle free any time anywhere you want.

Following features are available in this modern kitchen appliance.

Waterproof, dustproof, scratch resistant display: smooth and durable display which is waterproof as well as dustproof. In addition scratch resistant also.

Multipoint temperature sensor technology: There are several cooking option is given with clear icon. You can select any of them to make cooking easier and faster. Moreover with the help of (+) and (–) button you could easily set the required cooking temperature.

Double wire coil with energy saving:  Dual wire coil is given that make the heat at quick time. It does also save the power energy.

"Health Fry" intelligent cooking program: cooking manual is given separately. Each option set perfect cooking temperature. This option set the heating level at 1400 watts which is perfect for cooking. Besides it has water boil option with 1800 watts temperature, low fire option with 300 watts as well as soup option. In addition you could change the level of heating with plus and minus button.

Elegant screen touch control panel: clearly define LED touch screen control panel is given to make the adjustment.

Timer: with the help of timer you could easily set the time of cooking. After reaching that time cooker will automatically went to the shut off mood.

Child locks for safety operation: child lock option is given at the side of the control panel. This option makes sure about the safety of the setting.  If you want to use child lock then press the button for 3 seconds and in the case of making unlock hold the button for three seconds too.

LED control panel: This automatic LED control panel is made of easy operating features with clear icon. Anyone could easily run this model.

Safety measure

As it is an electric appliance. Therefore you should follow some basic rules and regulation to use safely.

  • Never keep empty pot at the top of the cooker. There is a chance of happening unwanted situation such as short circuit. Moreover never touch the center pot after cooking. It may burn your hand.

  • It is better to use non sticky pan and pot to cook. Top of the cooking plate is not much durable. Therefore, always try to put the light weight cooking appliance at the top of the cooker.

Electric features

This is a regular kitchen appliances Walton Induction Cooker WI S37 model with modern cooking features. This electric appliance can be run with the normal voltage of 220V to 230V and it does consume 2100 watts. Though power consumption is in the higher site but compare to service it is nothing. According to the expert opinion it may cost only TK 600 per month.

Price and availability

Walton is one of the popular home and kitchen appliances brand in Bangladeshi market. They have several showrooms all over the country as well as dealers. Therefore you could easily have this model at your nearest Walton showrooms.

In terms of price, Walton is popular for reasonable price. Price of Walton Induction Cooker WI S37 is TK 3950 (collected at 21-01-2017).

According to me you can keep this model at your selection list.

Be safe.


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