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Walton Chest Freezer FC-3J0D Price and Reviews

Walton Chest Freezer FC-3J0D Price and Reviews

Walton FreezerIn the market of modern technology, whatever you are looking for your eyes will be stuck in the product which have some extra with it specially, those product which made with ultra modern features along with reasonable price.

Walton FC-3J0D (Double Door) Freezer is such product in which you are going to have all the features you are looking for. As a freezer this product will make you happy with its performance.

If you are seriously in need of a freezer then you are seriously welcome to see this article which belongs with the information of this freezer.

At first, lets take a look on the good parts and the bad parts of this freezer and we hope this will help you to guess/measure the basic quality about the performance of this freezer.

And later part of this article you are going to have the details about this freezer:

The good:

Off-course this freezer has an excellent outlook with specious design, this freezer is very much fit for the family and commercial purpose, it also has double door with different compartment, exterior material is Painted Steel (PCM) and interior material is Colored Aluminum Sheet, condenser and capillary made with copper which ensure the long life of this freezer.

The bad/non attractive parts:

Its refrigerant is R134a, you have to defrost it by yourself which means it is manual defrost, temperature control is mechanical and some of other features followed old version.

The point of view is, according to the price range of this freezer, this is very much upgrade with the time. If you are interested in this freezer with these information so far, then you are welcome to see the details of this freezer.

Outlook, Design and Structure:

The first thing you are going to consider about a freezer is its outlook, the color of this freezer is sky blue and its dimension is WxDxH = 1260x725x880. This freezer is suitable for the big family when it big in size, you can use this for the commercial purpose as well. It has 2 door in the top of it by which you will have the advantage of opening. You don't have to open it for one thing only. The capacity of this freezer is 300 liters and 18 cft. The whole outer part is very much attractive and you can set this freezer in the place where you can open its door easily. One thing is good to mention that this freezer is going to match with the color of your house and it does not matter what the color of your house.

Cooling features:

As you can in the top that refrigerant of this freezer is R134a, defrosting is manual, foam blowing agent is polyurethane, but this freezer is Eco friendly by 100% CFC and HCFC free and green technology. Cooling effect in the freezer cabinet is less then -180 degree Celsius. On the matter of cooling performance? This will make you satisfy very much as the others user of this freezer are.

Electric and others features:

you cannot stay tension free until you don't know the range of electric bill, what may actually cost you when you started to use any electronic product. When this matter comes about freezer then you should know clearly about this. The electric bill of a freezer depend on its voltage range.

Well, the voltage range of this freezer is 220-240 and this is very much normal as a freezer and you don't have to worry about the electric bill.

The last part is about the price of this freezer, without which you cannot make your decision on this freezer. If we left this part to guess our visitor that what should be the price of this freezer? then we think most of our visitor will guess the maximum price of this product then actually it is.

Well the price of this freezer is 28,590.00 BDT (Collected on 05.09.2016)

now you have to consider according to the specification of this freezer, if you are looking for recommendation then we can say that you can direct purchase this freezer without any hesitation or you can put this freezer on the top of your choice list.

So far we have information about this freezer from its users, they merely have any complain about this. Rather they are happy enough with its performance and from this point of view we can suggest you this freezer.

Now decision is in your hand.


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