MARQUIS Drainage Submersible For Septic Tank- V 2200 DF

MARQUIS Drainage Submersible For Septic Tank- V 2200 DF

MARQUIS Drainage Submersible For Septic Tank- V 2200 DF Full specifications

Brand: Marquis
Category: Water Pump
Model: V 2200 DF
Price: Tk. 27,000.00

KW: 2.20
Phase: Single
Delivery Dia: 3 inch
Head Range: 11-2 meters
Flow: 17-616 Liter/Min
Solids Passage: 30 mm
Limits of Use
Liquid Temperature: -10°c to +40°c
Immersion depth up to 5m
Minimum immersion 240 mm from pump base.
Passage of suspended solids up to Ø2mm
Suction level: 40mm above the ground level
Power: 50Hz, Single phase 220v, up and down 10%
Suitable for draining domestic water, a construction site with suspended 30 mm solid.
omponents & Materials:
Pump body: Aluminum, with the threaded opening.
Suction grid: Stainless steel AISI 304
Motor frame: Stainless Steel AISI 304
Impeller: CI
Double Mechanical Seal: Mechanical seal (Ceramic-Graphite) with oil barrier chamber and inner lip seal to protect the sealing in the event of dry running.
Bearing: Z4 Class
Shaft: Stainless Steel
Insulation: Class F
Protection: IP68
Motor: Submersible asynchronous single-phase for continuous duty.

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