Marcel MSE20BX6 (508mm BOOM BOX)Smart TV

Marcel MSE20BX6 (508mm BOOM BOX)Smart TV

4.9 (29)
Tk. 10,900.00
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  • Made in Spain
  • Unique Handmade Look Ceramic Tile
  • Made for Residential and Commercial Wall Use
  • Great for Kitchen, Backsplash, Bathroom, Shower
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Screen size : 508mm
Aspect ratio : 16:9
Resolution : 1366 x 768
Viewing angle : H 1780 / V 1780
Contrast : 3000:1
Brightness : 250 cd/m2
Response time : 18 ms
Backlight type : ELED
Color : 16.7M
Refresh Rate : 60 Hz
Audio Power Output (TH=7% ) : 4 X5Watt
Sound Mode : User, Standard, Movie, Music
Sound Control : 2Ch Speaker System
Dolby Digital : Yes
Input & Output Ports :
HDMI : 1
USB 2.0 : 1
AV input : 1
AV input 2 : 1
Mini AV Out : 1
RF IN : 1
VGA : 1
PC Audio : 1
Speaker Out : 1
Earphone Out (3.5 mm) : 1
TV System
Video system : PAL; NTSC; SECAM
Receiving Range : 48.25 MHz-863.25 MHz
USB Play
Video : MPEG-4, H.264,MKV, AVI, FLV
Audio : MP3
Image : JPG
Power cable : Yes
User manual : Yes
Remote control Battery : Yes
Remote control : Yes
Wall Mount Bracket : Yes
Dimensions & Weight :
TV without Stand (L × W × H) : 640mm × 60mm × 290mm
TV with Stand (L × W × H) : 640mm × 160mm × 335mm
TV Shipping diemensions (L × W × H) : 696mm × 135mm × 380mm
TV without Stand Weight : 3.28Kg
TV with Stand Weight : 3.48Kg
TV Shipping Weight : 4.8Kg
Power supply : AC 110-240V; 50/60Hz
Standby power consumption : <0.5w
Maximum power consumption : 35w

TV Replacement Guarantee : 6 months (Condition Applicable)
LED Panel: 2 Years
Spare Parts: 2 Years
Free Service: 5 Years

About The Product:

Key Specs
Brand Marcel
Category Smart TV
Model MSE20BX6
Price Tk. 10,900.00

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