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Hitachi Washing Machine BD 90XAV 3C BK

Hitachi Washing Machine BD 90XAV 3C BK
Model: Washing Machine BD 90XAV 3C BK
ID: 16680


Hitachi Washing Machine BD 90XAV 3C BK is a great new innovative line of Hitachi washing machines that’ll change the way you wash clothes forever. This 9 kg washing capacity Hitachi Washing Machine comes with High washing performance and many new features for your ease of use. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient washing machine that’ll last a long long time, this might be your best option.Some of the features of this amazing washing machine –

Auto Self Clean
The Tub Stain Fighter: Every time you do your laundry, the washing machine automatically cleans itself! So that you can always enjoy washing in a clean tub.

Clean Design
Holes for Resulting in a Cleaner Tub.Inner drum holes are precisely arranged so that water passing through them always uniformly sprays the entire surface of a the outer drum to keep it free of dirt and detergent residue.
Antibacterial & Antimold* Shower Lifter and Gasket

Made with Antimicrobial materials for a cleaner wash.
*Tested by BOKEN

DVCS – Dual Vibration Control System
Exceptionally Quiet Operation from Start to Finish

Ply Liquid Load Balancer
If the items in the drum become unevenly balanced, liquid inside the 4-Ply chamber moves to the opposite side of the load to offset the imbalance.Making the drum better balanced in this way dramatically reduces vibrations.
Big Drum 510

The bigger the diameter of a front loading washer drum, the more effectively dirt in fibers is removed.Clothes are lifted up to the top of the large 510mm diameter drum and dropped down to provide a powerful beat washing effect.

LED Multi-Function Display
Easy pictographic option menu and programs indications
180°Open Door and Large 330mm Diameter Opening
Enables easy loading and unloading of items for extra convenience.




Washing Capacity

9 KG



No. of Washing Programs


Price: 102,900.00
Real price may vary
   Price updated on 2019-02-07

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Hitachi Washing Machine Price In Bangladesh 2019. Hitachi Washing Machine BD 90XAV 3C BK Price In Bangladesh 2019. Hitachi Washing Machine BD 90XAV 3C BK Washing Machine Price In Bangladesh 2019 .

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