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Latest Charger Fan With Price in Bangladesh, Specification And Review. Best Charger Fan Products in Bangladesh 2024

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Best Charger fan in Bangladesh

Has become too hot? Can't do any work properly due to increased level of load shedding? Having a good quality charger fan will help you get rid of the heat and can do all the work in cold weather.

In fact, the level of load shedding in our country increases many times during the heat. Therefore, one has to face severe problems during hot season. If there are small children or old people in the house, they have the most problems. If there is no electricity, the fan will not work. If the fan does not work, even after taking a bath repeatedly, one cannot get cool in the heat. There is only one way out of this problem. That is to use a Charger Fan.

Having a charger fan can keep it charged while the power is on and can be used for a long time when the power goes out. So, if load shedding is a problem in your area and you want to avoid a heat burn, buy a charger fan. If you read this post completely, you will know more about the prices of various good qualities Rechargeable Fan and Charger Fan in Bangladesh.

Charger fan price in Bangladesh 2024

A good quality Charger fan price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 2 thousand to Tk 10 thousand. The price of the charger fan depends on which company you buy the charger fan from and how long the charge backup of the charger fan is. The price of charger fans usually starts from 2 thousand rupees. Then, the more backups needed, the higher the price.

The advantage of charger fans is that they can be used even if there is no current. If the problem of load shedding is excessive, one can buy a charger fan. In our country, when summer comes, the level of load shedding increases. Then, it is not possible to do any work properly due to extreme heat. Also, if the heat is high, sometimes the charger fan, battery cost, fan cost is increased.

So, buy a charger fan before it gets hot. Below is a detailed discussion about the prices of charger fans of different companies and the various benefits of these charger fans. So let's get to know more details.

What is the price of Walton charger fan?

Walton charger fan price usually starts from 2000 to 10000 taka. If you want to buy a good quality Walton charger fan, it will cost around 5 thousand rupees. Charger fans are mainly purchased when there is no current to provide fan air in the heat. That's why when buying a charger fan, buy a fan that can provide more backup.

Charger fans that cost 2 thousand rupees, these fans do not have much battery backup. Again, the higher the price you go the more battery backup you get. Also, fan prices vary depending on the build quality of the fan and other factors. Charger fan prices vary from company to company.

You can buy Walton's rechargeable fan starting from 2000 taka to 6000 taka. The price of Walton rechargeable fans depends on the battery backup of these fans. So, the more battery backup you want, the more expensive it will be.

What is the price of vision charger fan?

Various types of charger fans from Vision brand are available in the market. They charge quickly and consume little power. Fans are available from 5 to 55 watts. These eco-friendly fans help reduce electricity consumption. Also, you can use these fans when there is no electricity.

You can buy good quality vision charger fan in BD for 3000 to 3500 taka. The price can be up to 7 thousand taka. You can buy Vision Charger Fan from any electronics store in your area or online.

If you want to buy the charger fans of Vision Company, you can buy the rechargeable fans of the model mentioned above. These fans can be ordered from any electronics store or online. Fans can also be ordered from Vision's own website.

What is the price of click charger fan?

The demand of click electronics products is very high in our country. Click charger fan price in Bangladesh is usually 1200 taka to 5000 taka. You can buy a rechargeable fan from Clik to avoid heat burn and get battery backup for a long time. You can know the price of click table fans from the list below.

You can buy click rechargeable table fan starting from 1200 taka to 5 thousand taka. These fans provide long backup during load shedding once charged.

BRB Charger Fan

If you want good quality and longer battery backup, you can buy a charger fan from BRB Cables. If you buy a good quality charger fan at a low price, you can use the fan for a long time during load shedding and these fans charge very fast.

So, if you want to buy a rechargeable charger fan that will charge in a short time and can be used for a long time, you can buy BRB Rechargeable Fan.

How much is the mini charger fan price?

Mini Charger fan price in Bangladesh is usually between 400 taka to 1000 taka. The mini charger is located between the fans. Mini charger fans can be carried anywhere by hand, they can often be kept in a pocket. If you need a small charger fan that only needs to be backed up for a short period of time, then you can buy a mini rechargeable fan between 400 Tk and 1000 Tk.

Which charger fan is better?

The charger fan that costs more, the charger fan is better. Because charger fans are more expensive than they provide longer battery backup. In comparison, low-cost rechargeable fans provide short-term backup. If there is a problem of load shedding, sometimes there is no electricity in some areas from a few hours to a day.

So, if you want to buy a good quality charger fan, try to buy it at a slightly higher price. Also, you can buy Walton Charger Fan or Vision Charger Fan. Click's rechargeable charger fans are also very good. You can buy the charger fans of this company with a slightly higher price. This will give you more backup time which will come in handy during the summer.


So far we have discussed about the price of charger fan and the price of rechargeable fan of different companies. Read from start to finish to get an idea about the prices of different types of charger fans.