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Philips Grinder 4 Pieces HL7701/00

Philips Grinder 4 Pieces HL7701/00
Model: Grinder 4 Pieces HL7701/00
ID: 16578


Philips Mixer Grinder
Brand: Philips
Product type: Mixer Grinder
Model: HL7701/00 
Power: 750W
Voltage: 230 V
Auto cut off: Yes
Speed setting: 4
Powerful robustmotor
Intelli jar and blade for best in class performance
Ergnomic designed double clamped handles for better grip
Compact body that fit in smaller kitchens
Auto cut off protection for safety of the mixer motor life
Color: As given picture.

Price: 8,960.00
Real price may vary
   Price updated on 2019-01-24

   View: 35

Philips Blender Juicer Mixer Price In Bangladesh 2019. Philips Grinder 4 Pieces HL7701/00 Price In Bangladesh 2019. Philips Grinder 4 Pieces HL7701/00 Blender Juicer Mixer Price In Bangladesh 2019 .

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