Panasonic Washing Machine NA-FS14X2

Model: NA-FS14X2
ID: 9944


Brand: Panasonic
Model: NA-FS14X2
Color: White
Capacity: 14 Kg
Origin: Taiwan
Power: 350 W
Item Weight: 54 Kg
Water Pressure: 1.5 m
Speed squeezed: 800 rounds/minute
Washing program: 10 washing programs
Power consumption of water: 98lit


  • Mixing 3D Technology
  • Choose cleaning mode
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Anti-twisting clothing
  • Saves electricity, water
  • 3D rotating water flow 
  • Technical strength AquaBeat.
  • Digital control panel with Vietnamese
  • Drying cage cleaning mildew resistance
  • Air-dry - drying winds: 30/60/90 minutes
  • Operations continued when power is restored
Price: 81,000.00
Real price may vary
   Price updated on 2017-04-04

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