Mallard Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936 price and Reviews

Mallard Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936 price and Reviews

Mallard Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936 Keeping your indoor environment cool and comfortable during warm summer months can be a frustrating and often expensive task, to say the least. Eveporate cooler - also known as swamp coolers - offer an eco-friendly, healthy, and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

There are several cooling capacity base air cooler models are available in the market. According to the water storage capacity of the cooler, cooler can be divided into three sections. Considering overall performance and cooling ability dessert air cooler is an effective one to keep the wide space cool during hot and humid summer.

Mallard has introduced new model of Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936. This white color wide ordinary tower shape model of cooler is capable of covering 650 sft. Some of the basic features of this model are given below.


  • Huge 45 liters water storage tank, which could easily support you for longer time during hot and humid summer.

  • Along with honeycomb cooling pad its powerful motor can cover wide space of area by throwing 35 feet.

  • Two Kobo regulator is given to make the adjustment. Simple operating machine that can be easily operate by any ages people.

  • With the help of timer you can set your required time. After reaching that time cooler will automatically went to the shutdown mood.

  • Four wheels at the bottom of the cooler will help you to move this model from one place to another comfortably.

  • Its oscillation system will make sure about the proper distribution of cool air all over the room proportionately.

  • Available model can be easily found at the nearest home and kitchen appliance show rooms.


  • This is a dessert type air cooler with nig size body features. So you need to have well space to keep the cooler safely at your room.

  • Its air throwing capacity is high, that features might be disturbing during high humidity weather condition.

Design and display

This white color dessert air cooler is a big size appliance featured model with simply operating features. Total body is made of durable plastic materials.  Compact body structure with user-friendly features has made this model more convenience and attractive to the user. Square shape air throwing space will give you speedy as well as smooth cool air. Top of the body regulators are given to control the operating function such as increase or decrease the air throwing speed. Moreover, at the bottom of the structure have wheels to move from one place to another. So no matter where are you at your home you can carry you cooler along with you.

Cooling features

As it is a dessert air cooler. Therefore water storage capacity is very important. In terms of this model has 45 litters water storage capacity tank and this model is capable enough to throw air up to 35 feet and can cover up to 650 SFT. All these features are capable enough to provide you cool air during the time of hot and humid summer for more efficient cooling you can keep this model at the side of door or window.

Available cooling features

Air cooler operating function is generally made of simple features.  That can be easily operated by any age’s user. All the available features of this model are given below.

Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936 is a modern appliance with cinch features to operate. All the available features of cooling are given below.

ICE chamber: You can give ice cube at the ice chamber for getting more cooling in the time of excess hot and humid weather.

Water level indicator: it is important to know about the available water in the tank. With the help of indicator you will get an idea about the available water at the tank.

Timer: you can set cooling time with the help of timer. Among the 7 hours you can select any of them. In the time of reaching the setting time power connection will be automatically went to the shout down mood.

Dura-pump technology: This is a modern technology base air cooler. It makes sure about the smooth air flow at the room and gives you warm and cool weather in the time of hot summer.

Full Function Remote: With the help of remote control you can operate the function from the any part of the room. You can also change the features manually from digital display control panel which is given at the top of the structure.

Oscillation system: because of having oscillation system. Air will be reached at the all corner of the room. Therefore you will get proper cool air from any corner of the room comfortably. This is a four ways of cooling system. That makes sure about the proper flow of cool air.

Speed controller: There are 3 level of speed available. You could adjust the level of cooling according to your requirement.

Other facilities

Besides all modern features mallard are providing some extra features are given below.

Five years warranty: you can use this model tension free for long five years. Mallard will taking care of their products for five years after sales.

Electric features

Air cooler is the most low power consuming cooling machine. You can easily run this machine with the normal voltage of 220V to 230v with frequency of 50Hz. This modern features base modern cooling Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936 uses 80 watts. Therefore at the end of the month will electricity bill will be remain within the budget.

Price and availability

Symphony is a renowned brand all over the local market. Alongside having several showrooms they have dealers too. Therefore you could easily have this model at your nearest home and kitchen appliance showrooms of symphony. Price of Dessert Air Cooler MAC 936 is TK 17490 (collected at 25-02-2017).

Now it’s up to you, if your budget and demand much the features of the product then you can go for it.

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