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LG 3D Smart TV 47LA6910

LG  3D Smart TV 47LA6910
Model: 47LA6910
ID: 3900


  • Advanced IPS Panel
  • Triple XD Engine (Enhanced Contrast, Clarity & Color)
  • All Round Protection
  • Magic Remote (With Voice Recognition)
  • SmartShare™ (NFC Tag ON, Miracast™, MHL, 2nd Display)
  • Time Machine II
  • Comfortable 3D Glasses

    Model  47LA6910

    Size (L x W x H cm)  106.3 x 69.7 x 26.9

    Weight (kg) 16.9

    Colour  Black

    Display Size (inches)  47.0 Optical Zoom

    0.0  Megapixels 0.0

    Display Resolution  Full HD 1920 x 1081

    Server Connectivity  WiFi Direct, HDMI1.4, USB 3.0 / USB 2.0

    Operating System  webOS

    Display Size (inches)  47.0

    Display Type  Ultra Slim LED Backlight, IPS - Advanced LED LCD Panel

    Processor  Dual Core

Price: 166,750.00
Real price may vary
   Price updated on 2016-02-03

   View: 604

LG Smart TV Price In Bangladesh 2018. LG 3D Smart TV 47LA6910 Price In Bangladesh 2018. LG 3D Smart TV 47LA6910 Smart TV Price In Bangladesh 2018 .

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