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  • Walton Induction Cooker WI S37 Price and Reviews
    Walton Induction CookerModern appliances have made our life more convenience and safe than before. Cooking is always been consider as a tough job to perform. You need to have proper idea about cooking ingredients as well as right measure of heating. To make rice right measure of heating with time sating is important. To make this difficult task easy you c ... [more]
  • Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC007 Price and Reviews
    Walton Room HeaterWalton Room Heater WRH-PTC007 is a mini size oval shape dual ton room heater within affordable price. All the available features of this model is easy to operate and can be easily move from one place to another. Pros, Mini size room heater that can be easily set at t ... [more]
  • Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC004 Price and Reviews
    Walton Room HeaterWe south Asian people have to face difficult weather condition. Especially in the summer hot and humid weather and Vice versa during winter. It’s become difficult for the children as well as senior citizen to survive. To make the place comfortable to live in chilly winter room heater is a wonderful option. There ... [more]
  • National Rice Cooker 2012 price and reviews
    National Rice CookerRice cook is not only demandable to the small family but also, because of having easily operating features, necessary one to the bachelor. Easy to move and easy to use have made rice cooker one of the important part of modern days kitchen. Alongside making rice you may use this cooker for making other carry also. Its durable body struc ... [more]
  • Miyako Electric Room Heater PTC-311 Price and Reviews
    One of the necessary appliances of winter season is electric room heater. It covert the electric power to the heat and spread it all over the room and make the room temperature comfortable to live. There are several model of room heater is available in the market with futuristic features and attractive body structure. One of the new models of electric room heater of Miyako is Miyako Electric Room Heater PTC-311. This multi options black color tower shape room heater ... [more]
  • Rangs Eid-ul-azha offer
    One of the trustable brand names in the Bangladeshi appliances market is Rangs. Along with their own brand they are the importer of international renowned Sony brand. With their product quality and remarkable service they have won the heart of the people. During this Eid –ul-Azha festival, Rangs has been offering attractive discount offer on several products. Offers are for limited time. Following offers are going on. Let’s have a look at the offers. ... [more]
  • LG Microwave Oven MS2342DSM Price and Reviews
    LG M OvenWhether you love to cook, rush to pull dinner together, or live on reheated coffee and frozen pizza, a microwave has become a kitchen essential. Defrosting and reheating are common uses, but nowadays oven are offering some out of ordinary fetaurs. Among the renownd brand LG has made thir mark on the top of the appliances brand list. Rencent ... [more]
  • Walton Chest Freezer FC-3J0D Price and Reviews
    Walton FreezerIn the market of modern technology, whatever you are looking for your eyes will be stuck in the product which have some extra with it specially, those product which made with ultra modern features along with reasonable price. Walton FC-3J0D (Double Door) Freezer is such product in which you are going to have al ... [more]
  • Walton Freezer FC-1B3 Technical Reviews
    Walton FreezerWhat can be more useful among the appliances and when you have a family? The exact answer will be the the freezer or refrigerator. Which we use as to keep our food fresh and most often storing food for a long time. Walton is a brand which now a days serving in a great number to have this appliance in all the houses with a reachabl ... [more]
  • Walton Chest Freezer FC-2T5 Price and Reviews
    Walton Deep FreezerThis product can fulfill your demand on the matter of storing food items along with keep it fresh. It does not matter whatever the price of the freezer or what the specification. The sound may like odd to listen but in the age of modern technology you have to believe in these all. When the question comes about the brand Walton then you mu ... [more]
  • Walton Chest Freezer WVF-1R2 Price and Review
    Walton Deep FreezerIf you have a family and you have to work outside for a long time in a day or night then you must need a freezer for the safety of food for your family and for this reason Walton represent this freezer along with all the necessary features and also in a very reasonable price. As you know about the brand Walton that it was a domestic bran ... [more]
  • Walton Chest Freezer WVF-1R2 Price and Reviews
    Walton Deep FreezerIn these days, it is very hard to pass a day without a freezer specially when your family is big in size or you have to stay far away for long time from your family and you have to store food. This freezer from Walton is an excellent one when you are in the search of a freezer. Meanwhile this brand Walton is now become a internati ... [more]
  • Walton Chest Freezer FC-1B3 Price and Reviews
    Walton Chest FreezerIt is good to introduce a quality product from Walton to our visitor when you are looking for a freezer in a reasonable price with all the necessary function and specification. You cannot ignore the importance of a freezer when need to store food in a large for a long time. This freezer from Walton can help you on this matter with ... [more]
  • Walton Chest Freezer FC-1D5 Price and Reviews
    Walton FreezerAs to say about this appliance, this is one of the major appliance in these days for storing food items in a large number. It can be used for home as well as it is important for commercial purpose as well. This freezer from Walton can be very useful for those families who need to store foods for a long time in different occasion o ... [more]
  • Jamuna Refrigerators JR UES633300CD Price and Reviews
    Jamuna FreezeJamuna JR UES633300CD is a new series model of refrigerator. It has all the necessary features to keep your food safe but its chic outlook has made this model attractive and different from others. This is an outstanding graphical design base glossy red and white color model of refrigerator with storage cap ... [more]